Power factor correction & Filters

…for more economy and environment protection

Reactive current compensation systems are used to compensate for losses and drops in voltage caused by reactive current and to achieve a more cost-effective and energy-efficient use of generators, transformers and distribution paths.

Filter circuits are used in grids with high harmonic loads and improve the quality of the network voltage highly. Filter circuits avoid the trip of sensitive devices as well as cable overheat and increased wastage of transformers.

We supply medium voltage and low voltage compensation systems (single, group, mixed and central compensation) and filter circuits for all applications.

We will advise you on the design of the compensation systems to guarantee the best possible use of the mains power supply. Furthermore we take responsibility for the essential clarification of interfaces and for the incorporation of the LV switchboard into external control and instrumentation systems. We are thus making a vital contribution to ensuring smooth and seamless installation, commissioning and handover processes.

We know what is important

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