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Consulting, Planning

As an experienced and expert partner, we also offer consultative and planning services for the electro-technical fit-out of power stations, emergency power supply systems and industrial plants. Our main focus is on the personnel and operation reliability, availability and upgradeability and energy efficiency.

Site Assembly, Refit and Extensions

Experienced personnel for planning, site management and supervision as well as for installation works at site are the key for a smooth, safe, accurate and efficiency assembly. Especially for plant refits or extensions it is most important.

Commissioning, Maintenance

We also offer commissioning and maintenance services for plant and systems supplied by us. It is essential in this respect that the customer can guarantee that the system conditions at site allow a commissioning.

Generator- and Mains Protection system test

Protection system tests are important to ensure correct alarm, trip and shut down functions. These tests will be done by us with our own special test equipment.

Mains (Grid) Analyses

Mains/ Grid analyses are always important if the kind of load have influence of the mains/ grid quality with the effect that critical operation situations occur. These analyses will be done by us with our own special test measuring instruments.

Thermo Graphic Measurements

Compact switchgears, small and bad ventilated/ cooled switchgear rooms may create thermal problems with negative influence to the availability of the system. With thermo graphic measurements and thermal pictures we localise the critical device/ zone and present on request solutions to ensure a safe operation of the electro technical system. Required works at site can be also done by us. These measurements will be done by us with our own special test and measuring instruments.

Inspections, Factory Acceptance Tests

We also conduct inspections and factory acceptance tests for electro-technical systems supplied by us, by means of which we can guarantee our high level of quality and on-schedule delivery performance. We can also take responsibility for Europe-wide factory inspections and factory acceptance tests with your supplies, for electro-technical systems, which we do not supply.

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