Grounding resistors

…to limit fault currents

Grounding resistors are used for the neutral point treatment of transformers and generators for the low-resistance grounding of medium voltage power grids in order to limit the fault current in the ground fault and thus to be able to determine the location of the fault more easily.

We supply grounding resistors with and without circuit breakers, designed for specific projects and suitable for use up to 36kV. These can be made of cast iron, steel mesh and stainless steel depending on the application.

We also provide suggested solutions and offer advice on resistor sizing and load time, taking into account the power grid conditions and switch-off times.

We also take responsibility for the essential clarification of interfaces, for the incorporation of circuit breakers and transformers into external control and protection systems. We are thus making a vital contribution to ensuring smooth and seamless installation, commissioning and handover processes.

We know what is important

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