Bus trunking systems

…make with “safety” the energy distribution easier

Bus trunking systems are needed for reliable and flexible energy distribution.
The advantages of bus trunking systems are obvious:

  • Safety due to the high level of resistance to short-circuiting and minimal fire load
  • High level of flexibility thanks to standard system components
  • Excellent operational service life
  • Compact design
  • Simple to design and use
  • Fast and cost-effective to install

We supply busbars up to 6300A as type-tested low voltage switchgear combinations (TAA) with all of the requisite accessories.

We provide advice on cross-sectional design, specification of the protection class right through to the connection to transformers and external systems. Site issues relating to the load-bearing strength of ceilings, walls and openings must be guaranteed by the customers’ design engineers. However, we can also provide assistance here too.

We know what is important

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