Control systems

… the operative intelligence

We supply control systems equipped according the project specific requirements with PLC, HMI, SCADA, interfaces to upper level systems for:

  • Power plants (conventional and renewable energy) equipped with latest energy management systems for best possible energy-efficiency:
    • Diesel engine plants (Diesel, Bio diesel, heavy fuel oil)
    • Gas engine plants (Biogas, natural gas)
    • Steam turbine plants
    • Wind power plants
  • Emergency power systems for automatic mains failure (AMF) applications up to complex multiple generating set combinations with central control systems.
  • Industrial plants for automation of e.g. manufacturing processes

Our control systems are designed, constructed, manufactured and tested specific to particular projects depending on the types of machines and different kinds of applications and requirements.

The measuring, control, monitoring and protection components are selected and specified by us according to our customers’ requirements, quality, handling, long-term availability and cost-benefit ratio.

Our experience has shown that, with more complex system concepts in particular, there also have to be clear stipulations in terms of their operation in order to avoid possible misunderstandings and thereby to prevent time delays and additional costs resulting from this. We work through the operational descriptions in close consultation with our customers and take responsibility for the essential clarification of interfaces of the connection of engines, power distribution systems and upper level control systems. We are thus making a vital contribution to ensuring smooth and seamless installation, commissioning and handover processes.

We ensure with inspections and factory acceptance testing that all of our stipulations are adhered to. Our customers are welcome to attend these inspections and factory acceptance tests. Documentation of the factory acceptance tests is provided by us as a matter of course.

We know what is important

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